Innovative Basalt Technologies

About the project

Innovation Bazalt Technology is a fast-growing company that will change the materials market around the world. Basalt is the most acceptable raw material for cheap and environmentally friendly products based on composite materials. The field of basalt application is extremely diverse, from textiles to space technologies.

Materials from basalt are durable and fireproof. It is enough to know that basalt slabs lay bunkers in blast furnaces and steel mills, where molten metal is served. Construction of basalt processing plants can dramatically affect the economies of countries and regions, create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Партнерство с Innovation Bazalt Technology сулит финансовый успех. First, eco-friendly, easily processed basalt successfully fits into the “eco-friendly” trend, when society cares about the environment. Secondly, basalt is used everywhere, being a substitute for the main part of building materials and may well become a leader in the construction materials, textiles, aviation and helicopter markets, space technologies and chemical industries. Moreover, the company offers innovative solutions: to use basalt for the energy sector (solar, wind).

Thus, Innovation Bazalt Technology guarantees a good result with the help of high competitiveness and the absence of environmental consequences.

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